Monday, July 27, 2009

hi, it has been a while...

I was so busy with life, 2 weeks of library science course and altho' it has been over a week ago, I am still struggling to do the BTOR (back to office report)... so many writing up to do!

Last weekend, my whole family went back to my mom's hometown in Kiulu to visit our dearly beloved Tinah (Grandma) she is now getting much older and not that 'fit' anymore due to old ripen golden age. But, she is still very jovial... no sign of 'nyanyuk' still can recognize and talk properly... My twins suddenly decided to call her Nenek Granny I told them she is their Great Grandma, which is Grandma's mother. They are a bit confused at first. Edel said she is mom's nenek. So, they eventually called her Nenek Granny... ;)

Pics was taken during our outing. We took the time to take my kids to the Jambatan Gantung near my Grandma's house... and later that evening, we went back to my mom's place to help with "Mongutus Totok" hehe sound funny eh! and I have never done it for ages I think my waist have parted with my body... teruk kan!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Eh Worm!!

Eh Worm!!

Mom and Edel trying luck fishing ;)


Papa : Let me roll up your pants!!!


Grandpa: Careful, hold tight!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am back to work!!

Yupe, I'm back in KK..

I missed the food!!! Yummy food!!

and am back in the office with lots of stuff to clear off!!! Help me God!!