Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Yuk Family Day!

It was held on bright and sunny sunday, and I am super tired!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Family Reunion

The pics above showed the Gundohing in the family, each color represent a family line, Green is my MIL (Umis Binius Ho), Orange (Linghee Binius Ho), Blue (Tahee Binius Ho), Maroon (Tahing Binius Ho) and Yellow (Jinggusi Binius Ho).

And I won 2nd Place for the Traditional Cooking Competition!! yippee.... Kangku diau)(see the above pics!)...

I got more to tell later!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Binius Ho Family Reunion

My husband's mom family side will be having their third family reunion this coming Saturday 15th May 2010 in conjunction with Kaamatan month.

The first reunion was held in my MIL house 7 years ago. Exactly a week, after delivering Edel. It was during CNY celebration and the theme colors is RED...

The 2nd family reunion held at my MIL elder brother residence, in which each family (5 families, namely Tahing, Tahee, Linghee, Umis(my family) and Jinggusi wore their own theme color. Our family choose Green for the ocassion.

This year they have a different way of celebrating the reunion. Prior to the event, sport competition i.e. football, tug of war, badminton etc.

There will be cooking competition as well, but not sure who/what dishes as I am not involved in any of the activities. I am too lazy and am not good in mingling with relatives especially hubby's side. Don't know why ?

And I need a booster to lift up my spirit for this event, I am not excited at all. My mom called the other day asking if we can go home this weekend to visit my old and ailing grandma but alas, I cannot give any excuses of not coming to this well planned family day which has been the talks since Jan??

hmmm, have to go and shop for another "Green" outfits for myself, hubby and 3 gorgeous girls ....