Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wow, it has been a while...

Yupe it has been a while, and I completely forgotten that I have this blog... Sorry folks been neglecting this part of my ramblings of thought space for ages.. I was busy coping with life.. I have been diagnosed by a Psycologist to be Severely depressed ??? yupe seriously but I did not take any medication.... instead I took it as a slap in the face to woke me up from my dreamworld... and faced the reality that I am severely obese... But the bright side I WON... I started my downsize faithfully in Sept 2011, in the first month I watch my kilos going down slowly 1kg per week for the first 3 months I lost 6kg... and now I shed another 6 kg, I am determined to lost another 4 kg in 1 month, only with exercise & eating plenty of fruits, veggies, salads and taking brown rice for lunch, lean chicken and fish... will be recording my meals and progress soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Office and so on!...

Busy with unpacking as we just moved from our old office in Taman Kinanty to Golden Hill Garden, so much to unpacked in between sending and fetching kids to/fro school.

So far, life is interesting, have celebrated Edel's 8th bday, just small, closest family gathering, edel having fun with prezzie from beloved aunt, cousins and relatives.

My knee is hurting again... hmmm... DOWNSIZE me!!!!! heheheheh