Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peace at last!

at last the peace is here...

We forgave each other
trying our best not to hurt each other
remember our vows
it is sacred
show love and appreciation
remember we have 3 young child
they need both of Pa and Ma
remember to keep our family strong
we won't be torn apart
anger, fight does happen but most importantly have a forgiving heart!!!

Thanks so much Trix for the comforts and love...
I'm calm now and hoping to be as calm as much as possible!!

1 comment:

  1. hugz, shern!! the best thing about the future, they say, is that it occurs one day at a time! hence, the only thing that we really need to do is to make love last for the day! hard thing sometimes, but we are here for each other... that's what keeps us going! i love your 'poems' by the way, thanks so much for sharing... you're inspiring me a lot, you know! :)